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Who is Midland Funding?


Midland Funding is a debt buyer that purchases old consumer debt for pennies on the dollar. Afterwards, it attempts to collect that debt for profit. If Midland purchased a debt it believes you owe, it may call you, send you letters, or even sue you. Midland Funding likely sues tens of thousands of people each year in Pennsylvania. 

Luckily, Midland Funding lawsuits are winnable. In fact, our debt defense attorney wins the overwhelming majority of cases we defend. If Midland is suing you, read our page on Midland Funding lawsuits. If you’re having problems with Midland or if you need help, contact us. Please call 1-800-997-5561 or fill out our contact form.

The Midland Funding family of companies.

"Midland paid just $4 billion to acquire 60 million consumer accounts with a face value of $128 billion."

CFPB Order (2015)

Midland Funding’s parent company is Encore Capital Group. Encore is a large debt finance company. Since 2010, Encore acquired or merged with many large debt collectors and debt buyers, including Atlantic Credit & Finance and Asset Acceptance Corp.

Midland Funding affiliates with many debt collectors and law firms. Midland Credit Management is the largest debt collector Midland Funding uses to collect debts. In Pennsylvania, Midland employs various law firms to collect debts, including Pressler Felt & Warshaw, Hayt Hayt & Landau, Ratchford Law Group, and various in-house attorneys.

Midland Funding and the debt buying process.

Midland buys thousands of delinquent consumer debt accounts in batches. It purchases many types of debt, including credit cards, personal loans, and auto deficiency loans. According to Midland’s parent company, it “purchase[s] portfolios of defaulted consumer [debt] at deep discounts[.]” The discounts Midland enjoys are substantial. For example, Midland paid just $4 billion to acquire 60 million consumer accounts with a face value of $128 billion. That amounts to paying 3 cents on the dollar for $128 billion worth of debt.

Midland Funding's debt collection practices.

Midland funding uses many debt collection practices when collecting debts from consumers. These include direct mail and email campaigns, calling consumers directly, and filing lawsuits against consumers.

  • Direct Mail Campaigns: Midland often sends consumers direct mail offering payment plans, discounts, and settlement options.
  • Call Centers: Midland will call consumers in real-time, or using automated or prerecorded calls to offer payment places or settlements.
  • Mass Filing of Lawsuits Midland likely files tens of thousands of lawsuits each year in Pennsylvania.

Dealing with Midland Funding lawsuits?

"Midland ... 'stat[ed] incorrect balances, interest rates, and payment due dates in attempting to collect debts from consumers.

CFPB Press Release (2015).

If Midland Funding sues you, don’t worry. Midland usually doesn’t intent to or can’t prove: i) that it owns your debt, ii) the amount you owe; or iii) the terms of your account, including what interest and fees are proper.

For general information on debt buyer lawsuits, read our post on debt buyers. To learn how our debt defense attorney helps consumers when they are sued by Midland Funding, read our post on Midland Funding lawsuits. Furthermore, for general information on debt collection lawsuits, read any of these posts: credit card lawsuitsmagistrate court lawsuits, or common pleas lawsuits. If you need help, call us at 1-800-997-5561 or complete our contact form.

Dealing with Midland Funding communications.

Midland makes contact with consumers through direct mail, email and its call centers. For a detailed general discussion on dealing with Midland Funding communications, read our posts on dealing with debt collectors, on dealing with debt collection robocalls, or on dealing with debt collection letters. If you think Midland is contacting you about an old debt, read out post about debt collection and the statute of limitations.

Government actions against Midland Funding.

In the past, Midland Funding has threatened to take legal action or actually took legal action on “time-barred” debts. Midland also attempted to collect inaccurate or incorrect debts, interest, and fees. As a result of these practices, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau took action against Midland. The CFPB claimed that Midland was “stat[ing] incorrect balances, interest rates, and payment due dates in attempting to collect debts from consumers.” 

Hire Us to Help.

If Midland Funding is suing you for a debt, or if they’re calling and harassing you about a debt, please contact us for help. We may be able to win your case or get it dismissed. You won’t owe us fees unless we win. We also may be able to get you compensation for any harassment that’s harmed you. Please complete our contact form or call us at 1-800-997-5561.

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