Debt Defense

List of Debt Collectors/Lenders


List of Debt Buyers.

Debt buyers purchase old debt for pennies on the dollar then attempt to collect on that debt for profit.

List of Creditors.

Creditors lend you money directly through their stores or online, or indirectly through third parties.

List of Debt Collection Agencies.

Debt collection agencies usually are hired by creditors and debt buyers to collect debts from consumers. They also may collect debts they own.

List of Lawyers and Law Firms.

These are the lawyers and law firms that regularly sue individuals for debts in Pennsylvania. They usually are hired by debt collectors, debt buyers, or creditors to sued Pennsylvania consumers.

  • Apothaker & Scian Lawsuits
  • Burton Neil & Associates Lawsuits
  • Daniel Santucci Lawsuits (Midland Funding Lawsuits)
  • Faloni & Associates Lawsuits
  • Hayt Hayt & Landau Lawsuits
  • Patenaude & Felix Lawsuits
  • Pressler Felt & Warshaw Lawsuits
  • Ratchford Law Group Lawsuits
  • Scott & Associates Lawsuits
  • Tsarouhis Law Group Lawsuits
  • Weltman Weinberg & Reis Lawsuits

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