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Hundreds of thousands of people are sued each year for old debt, and hundreds of thousands more are contacted by debt collectors. East End Trial Group LLC is a consumer protection office that helps people resolve problems with debt and debt collection.

Our debt attorney defends Pennsylvania consumers against debt collection lawsuits, sues debt collectors for legal violations, and works on solutions to help debt distressed individuals. To see if we can help you, call us at 1-800-997-5561 or complete our contact form.

We defend credit card lawsuits. Learn how we can win the case filed against you.

We may be able to get you damages if a debt collector violated your legal rights.

Don't ignore debt collection lawsuits. You may be able to win or settle your case.

Here is a list of debt buyers, creditors, debt collectors, and finance companies in PA.

We Win debt lawsuits!
there's no fee If We Lose

Are you getting sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates, Midland Funding, Cavalry SPV I LLC, LVNV Funding, Capital One Bank, or some other debt buyer or creditor? If you are, we may be able to win your case. We’ll refund our fee if we don’t meet your objectives.

Over 80% Of People Ignore Debt Lawsuits
The Average American Has Over $100,000 In Debt
Est Number Of Americans With Debt In Collections

East End Trial Group

We are a consumer protection law office based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our debt attorney wins credit card lawsuits and other debt collection lawsuits, brings claims against debt collectors for legal violations, helps with repossessions and deficiency cases, and works with Pennsylvania consumers to resolve their debt problems. 

We charge flat fees for our debt defense services, and we often can provide free legal representation if your legal rights were violated. Call our debt attorney today at 1-800-997-5561 or complete our contact form for a free consultation!

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